After the Chic in the City event mentioned in my previous post, folks who saw my jewelry at the event and even those that purchased some pieces, started to contact me to purchase more or wanted to meet with me to see more of my designs. Some folks wanted to have another look at the jewelry and see more that were not at the event. Also, a few wanted to discuss my process and since my pieces are made up of found objects combined with new, they wanted to know the story behind the pieces. That was always nice, to meet at various places, have coffee or iced tea, make new friends and discuss some of my favorite subjects, design, art and life.

My daughter Amanda, made a new friend just around the time of
Chic in the City, her name is Anya Rozova. Anya is the runner up of season 10 of America’s Next Top Model. Anya lives here in Hawaii.
She has become not only my daughter Amanda’s friend, but also part of our family. She fell in love with my jewelry and now is the owner of several of my pieces. Here is a picture of Anya wearing
a pair of my earring designs that she now owns and my daughter Amanda wearing one of my necklaces. They are at a gathering at The Little Oven, a wonderful bakery/cafe
owned by Joyce, a friend of Amanda’s. If you are able to, please check it out, her baked goods are divine, great service and ambience.

Anya Rozova and Amanda Stevens at The Little Oven

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