I am a wearable art designer/artist currently creating one of a kind jewelry. I have been doing this for many years on a part-time basis, but now that I have retired from my career in social services, I am doing this full-time. It has always been my dream to do art and design as a career. I was raised in a household that considered going to art or design school as frivolous and impractical. My family was poor and needed me to contribute to the household as soon as I was able to hence I worked from an early age and went to business school and then eventually studied psychology.

Despite the lack of support from family to pursue my desire to be a designer, I did what I could in the form of designing my own patterns and sewing. Also drawing intricate designs on fabric and doing elaborate embroidery embellished with beautiful threads and beads.

My paternal grandmother was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. She worked as a designer/seamstress with her family in Lisbon. They had a house of design and at that time, and they were well-known in that city for their fabulous clothing and accessories. I was told that I inherited that ability from that side of the family.

I get my inspiration from many places, objects and situations. I love colors and textures in fabrics, ready-made fashions, and in beads. Music, phrases that I read or hear, movies, poetry and images that I see in posters, magazines and online also inspire me. However, my designs are most influenced by places where I have lived in the past, and where I live now. I was born and raised in Hawaii where I have lived most of my life, then moved to San Francisco and lived there for 6 years, then back to Hawaii. During the time I lived in the Bay Area, my designs were influenced by the eclectic and sophisticated lifestyle of that area, the beautiful terrain of Northern California as well as my close associations with artists and designers that live and work there. My work now reflects the diversity in culture here in Hawaii as well as the vibrant colors and lush terrain of the islands.

My work has been described as asian baroque as well as funky fabulous. I use asian coins and charms combined with antique buttons and beads. I shop at thrift shops and target old vintage jewelry and clothing with interesting and unusual buttons, clasps and buckles. Friends and colleagues that are acquainted with my work give me old buttons that they know I will love and use in my art.

Now that I am an adult, I am blessed to have the support from my children and friends in pursuing my art. They believe in my vision and talent and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I will be posting my art process, information about the pieces that I am working on, as well as sharing info about other artists/designers. I love writing poetry and at times posting pics with my poems that compliment and enhance the content of my poems.

Please visit and by all means comment. I value comments and feedback and meeting new friends.